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    • Monthly Soccer Meeting - Prospect Firehouse

      Posted December 30, 2020

      !!! Monthly Soccer Meeting !!!


      Prospect Firehouse



      Future Meetings


      Wednesday - January 22, 7:30pm

      February 3, 7:30pm

      March 2, 8:00pm 

      April 6, 8:00pm

      May 4, 8:00pm

      June 1, 8:00pm

      July 6, 7:30pm

      August 3, 7:30pm

      September 7, 8:00pm

      October 5, 8:00pm

      November 2, 8:00pm

      December 7, 7:30pm


      First Monday of every Month


      7:30pm off Season and 8:00pm during the Season