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Prospect Girls U9

Fall 2018 Travel Season | Prospect Soccer Club


GAME ID #5539501
Sat Sep 8 12:00AM Prospect Girls U9 0 CP Comp Field #5 - 7v7 Front half in front of parking lot Shelton,CT
Shelton U09 Girls Orange (Shelto) 5
Sat Sep 8 12:00PM Prospect Girls U9
Shelton- Orange
GAME ID #5736997
Fri Sep 14 12:00AM Prospect Girls U9 0 Field Two Wallingford,CT
Wallingford Girls Wild U10 (WFYS) 0
GAME ID #5539499
Sat Sep 15 11:30AM Prospect Girls U9 0 St. Anthony's Prospect,CT
Shelton U09 Girls White (Shelto) 5
GAME ID #5736998
Sat Sep 22 1:00PM Prospect Girls U9 5 St. Anthony's Prospect,CT
Shelton U09 Girls Orange (Shelto) 1
GAME ID #5736999
Fri Sep 28 12:00PM Prospect Girls U9 3 Field Two Wallingford,CT
Wallingford Girls Wild U10 (WFYS) 2
Fri Sep 28 6:00PM Prospect Girls U9
GAME ID #5539493
Sun Sep 30 12:30PM Prospect Girls U9 1 Fred Wolfe Park 2 Orange,CT
Orange Girls U-9 (ORANGE) 1
GAME ID #5770277
Wed Oct 10 11:30AM Prospect Girls U9 0 St. Anthony's Prospect,CT
Southington G-U09 Strikers (STHGT) 1
GAME ID #5737000
Sat Oct 20 11:30AM Prospect Girls U9 2 St. Anthony's Prospect,CT
Orange Girls U-9 (ORANGE) 5
GAME ID #5539504
Sat Nov 10 11:30AM Prospect Girls U9 0 St. Anthony's Prospect,CT
Southington G-U09 Strikers (STHGT) 3

Coaches & Staff

Janine DeFrank Assistant Coach
Stephanie Way Head Coach


# Name Position
23 Megan Bernegger
7 Vanessa Costa
22 Skylar DeFrank
4 Mia Geci
25 Ashtyn Genthe
11 Aaliyah Hodges
2 Talia LaPrade
24 Jayla Magi
21 Sophia Nitsch
28 Gianna Sasso
9 Braelyn Tafuto
1 Giulianna Volpe


March 13th, 2019

SCD Spring 2019 - League Scheduling Meeting

Please pass the word within your club. Please do not assume we have your club contacts.
Spring 2019 Scheduling Meeting

WHERE: Best Western Hotel, 201 Washington Ave, North Haven, CT 06473

SCHEDULE: Sunday March 24, 2019
  • Girls and Boys 09U - 10U - 9:00-9:45
  • Girls 11U - 12U Comp and Tr Rec - 10:00-10:30
  • Girls 13U - 14U Comp and 13/14U Tr Rec - 10:40-11:10
  • Girls 15U - 19U Comp and 14/15U Tr Rec - 11:20-11:50
  • Boys 11U - 12U Comp and Tr Rec - 12:00-12:30
  • Boys 13U - 14U Comp and 13/14U Tr Rec - 12:40-1:10
  • Boys 15U - 19U Comp and 14/15U Tr Rec - 1:20-1:50
  • All team must be entered by midnight Sunday March 17, 2019
  • Starting Monday March 18 the Girls and Boys Commissioners WILL BE Collapsing Divisions and Moving Teams as needed
  • Later that week games will be generated in the system so as to assign the home team. All games will be generated for the day after the season ends. The generated games are merely to denote the home team. :During the scheduling meeting teams should agree upon a day and time.
  • All Clubs MUST HAVE a team representative for every team in attendance in the time slot for that team
  • Team representative should print and bring with them a copy of the schedule for that team
February 12th, 2019

SCD Spring - SCD Season Details

SCD 2019 Spring League Important Dates
1) LAST DAY to Enter Teams Into SCD League: Sun Mar 17, 2019
(Questions on Team "Entry", "Change", "Delete" email Joe at
2) Expected Team Pairings Announced: Wed Mar 19, 2019
3) Scheduling meeting: Mar 24, 2019 Best Western North Haven
4) Season Starts: Apr 12, 2019
5) Season Ends: Jun 16, 2019
February 2nd, 2019

Monthly Soccer Meeting - Prospect Firehouse

!!! Monthly Soccer Meeting !!!

Prospect Firehouse


Future Meetings

January 7, 7:30pm

February 4, 7:30pm

March 4, 7:30pm

April 1, 8:00pm

May 6, 8:00pm

June 3, 8:00pm

July 1, 7:30pm

August 5, 7:30pm

September TBD, 8:00pm

October 7, 8:00pm

November 4, 8:00pm

December 2, 7:30pm

First Monday of every Month

7:30pm off Season and 8:00pm during the Season

December 19th, 2018

Spring Registration is Open

PSC Spring 2019 Registration is Now Open

Travel: late fees are in effect; registration closing Feb 19

In-House: late fees start March 9; registration closing March 16

MiniHawks: late fees start April 1; registration closing April 8

November 2nd, 2018

End of Season

The last day of the season is November 11th. Any game that needs to be played beyond this date will need approval from the Boys and Girls Commissioners. There must be a valid reason for this extension i.e. Cup Games,

Any Game not played by 11/11 or with an approved extension that do not show a score entered into the system will be subject to a $25.00 fine per game.

Please insure you are updating your schedules and your scores. There is absolutely no reason why at this point those games are blank. If you have questions, please reach out to your club rep for your website because that is where you need to update the information.

Thank you


Thank you


October 19th, 2018

2018 Fall SCD League Champions T-Shirts

2018 Fall SCD League Champions T-Shirts

Update 10/29/2018: Thank you to the 13 teams that have entered their team information. If you do not enter your Teams T-Shirt sizes then you do not get t-shirts

2018 Fall SCD League Champions T-Shirts - Team Coach/Manager ONLY - ACT NOW!

For all Club/Teams Participating in the South Central District League

Coach/Team Manager-

The Spring 2018 league championship shirts ordering form is open for your team (players only).

1) ONLY ONE ORDER PER TEAM - Coordinate with team management so only one order per team is entered. If more than one is entered SCD will select one of the orders.

2) All teams should complete this order form!

3) Only those players on your roster are eligible to get a t-shirt. We understand you may have other players that have participated with your team but we are limiting to players on your roster.

4) Adults on the roster will not get shirts - this is for the kids and not the coaches/managers. Do not order for the adults.

5) We will be checking your order to your roster.

6) The deadline is 11/25/2018

PLEASE NOTE - Only the division winners will get t-shirts. However, all teams must complete this form by the deadline. If your team wins the division and the coach does not fill out the form, the team will not get shirts. All other orders will be deleted. The reason for doing this is so we can get the orders in quickly to the vendor and the district can get the shirts to the league championship teams in a timely manner.

If you have any questions, contact your respective commissioner.

August 23rd, 2018

SCD League Schedules

SCD Announcement for League Game Schdules

SCD League Game Schedules - League games are scheduled. They ARE NOT FINAL and should not be considered final until Sunday morning. Clubs were informed about this. To test the publications of the schedules in this new system we need to "Publish" the games today to test the functionality. This will be limited to only one or two Division/Pool. If you see games added or are notified of these games, please know they are not to be considered accurate until Sunday morning. If you see games added and deleted then added - I APOLOGIZE for all the notices but we need to test this. Please be patient.

Game Schedule Availability - Current game schedules are available in this way:1)SCD Commissioners have sent to clubs in PDF. 2)SCD site. Go to "Team > SCD Games " then filter/limit to any club/gender/age/team etc... 3)Schedules are available to all clubs in their admin systems by clicking the League tab. 4)We BELIEVE schedules will become available in Team Connect sites and are actively working on this now.

SCD League Game Scheduling and Schedules Changes - This weekend is the SCD League scheduling meeting. The schedules, as in the past, have to be changed to represent the results of the meeting. These changes are done by to assigned users(club admins, coaches, managers, etc…) given access to do this. This is in the League tab of the Club system.

I will try to create and post today a video of the above

August 23rd, 2018

SCD What Are These Announcements?

SCD What Are These Announcements?

Hello - I am hoping to clarify much confusion as to SCD Fall League, These announcements and other information.

Announcements - This message is what is called an Announcement. It is created in the South Central District (SCD) system. Announcements are always placed on the SCD website main page. Some announcements that are deemed needed to be pushed to SCD team coaching staff are set to also show on SCD teams Team Connect announcements. This is shown to all on Team Connect including parents and players. There is no setting for coaches only.

I will be sending some required Announcements today. Announcements are limited length so need to be as short as possible.